About Finextra

Finextra Research is the world’s leading specialist financial technology news and information source. It offers more than 130,000 fintech news, research and TV content items to some 800,000 monthly visitors to www.finextra.com.

Finextra covers all aspects of financial technology innovation involving banks, institutions and vendor organisations within the wholesale and retail banking, payments and cards sectors worldwide. Finextra’s unique member community consists of over 40,000 fintech professionals and 200,000 social followers working inside banks and financial institutions, specialist fintechs, consulting organisations and technology providers.

Finextra also runs several leading industry events including, Sustainable Finance. Live, Next Gen Nordics, Financial Cloud Summit and EBAday.

The Finextra community actively participates in contributing opinions, ideas and comments on the evolution of fintech. For more information: Visit www.finextra.com and become a member, follow @finextra or reach us via contact@finextra.com.